Head of More Travel Company detained

24 October 2007 (08:11)

'Head of More Travel Company has been detained, and his case is now under investigation,’ President of Sverdlovsk Region Tourist Center Vadim Viner said to UrBC.

'According to the data I have, this company deceived 229 customers, with the total damage estimated at 4.5 million RUR,’ he added.

Employees of More Travel Company, whose office was then located at 36 Malyshev St., signed agreements with customers who wanted to spend their holidays at the Black Sea (in the vicinity of Anapa) on July 7-30, 2007. The company promised to coordinate the stay as well as the trip to the seaside and back. Customers had to pay a portion of the money needed. On the day it was supposed to give the travelers their tickets and hotel reservations, the company and all of its employees vanished into thin air. Besides, it was later detected that More sold its fictitious tours at a price that was not the same as the one advertised.

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