RENOVA Stroy Group meets Medef International

9 July 2007 (09:22)

RENOVA Stroy Group and a number of other successful Russian developers’ top executives as well as representatives of investment companies and haulers and civil servants met some French entrepreneurs within the cooperation framework supported by the Russian Union of Employers and Entrepreneurs and Medef International, the French association of employers, the spokesperson for RENOVA Stroy Group reports.

RENOVA CEO Veniamin Golubitskiy presented his report on the Russian companies’ development strategies used when going global. RENOVA has successfully cooperated with the French companies when working on the future Academic district of Yekaterinburg. Relying on the company’s French partners made handling large construction projects much smoother, whereas the French companies, in their turn, were able to build up their shares of the market as well as get more attractive contracts in Russia. Valode & Pistre (the agency that developed Academic district’s concept and plan), to name just one, raised its number of Russian contracts very impressively and keeps operating in Yekaterinburg and other Russian cities. Bouygues, one of the world’s major developers and RENOVA’s consultant on the Academic district project, has recently set up a subsidiary in Yekaterinburg.

Mr. Golubitskiy suggested that the company’s French partners get more involved in Russian projects since their products enjoy great demand and there are always some joint projects to take part in.

'I would be very grateful to my friends from France if we could have more French companies to do business with, and I’d like to take the liberty of inviting them to enter the Russian market, since the opportunities it offers are truly unique,’ he said.

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