Vanadium Ore Mining and Processing Enterprise acquires new railway engineering equipment

28 June 2007 (09:12)

Ore Mining and Processing Enterprise of Kachkanar (aka Vanadium, part of Evraz Group) acquired some new railway engineering equipment: two industrial electrics meant for open-pit working were launched on June 26, 2007. These are already transferring ore from the company’s Main, Northern, and Western mines to the breaking plant as well as taking the mining waste to the dump. One electric with 11 dumpcars attached is capable of transporting about 10,000 tons of stuffs, the spokesperson for Evraz Group reports.

'These electrics were designed for the company by experts of a Novocherkassk-based plant. This equipment is characterized by great capacity (estimated at over 1,000 tons) and high speed (up to 65 kph) and has four feedback systems, which makes both electrics much safer. They are also fitted with two control panels, an air conditioner, a wash basin, a refrigerator, and a wardrobe. These machines meet all the requirements the equipment meant for open-pit working must meet. Having new railroad equipment will help us supply enough raw materials just in time, which is essential for greater ore and ore concentrate production,’ Evraz Group says.

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