URSA Bank’s Chelyabinsk branch takes part in mortgage fair

13 June 2007 (15:56)

A regional mortgage lending fair (coordinated by Chelyabinsk Region Ministry for Economic Development) was held in Chelyabinsk on June 6, 2007. URSA Bank was one of the fair participants.

‘Our experts were trying to find the best mortgage schemes and the most suitable payment periods for the visitors. URSA Bank’s Chelyabinsk branch Deputy Director Alexander Igoshev presented his report on mortgages offered on dwellings under construction in the course of a thematic conference,’ the bank’s press release states.

‘URSA Bank’s mortgage loans make it possible for a customer to make virtually any of his housing dreams come true: one can buy an apartment, a detached house, a flat, a studio-type apartment, and even non-residential objects (commercial estate, garages, parking lots, dachas) on existing homes market as well as acquire apartments in buildings currently under construction. Since the demand for new dwellings in increasingly on the rise, our bank is particularly focused on the types of mortgages that provide for these apartments and has been cooperating with the major regional builders. What is more, we do offer re-financing of mortgages,’ Mr. Igoshev said.

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