URSA Bank sets up new mortgage lending center

29 May 2007 (08:00)

URSA Bank set up its second mortgage lending center in Novosibirsk at 27 Vatutin St. (The first office is located at 179/4 D. Kovalchuk St.)

‘URSA Bank has for a long time been doing business with realtors in terms of mortgages; actually, this is how the idea of creating a workplace for a realtor in our offices emerged. As far as the new center is concerned, our customers can consult a representative of Pallas Athena agency,’ URSA Bank’s Mortgage Promotion Director in Novosibirsk Anna Bardysheva says.

‘A customer coming to our office would be able to get advice on the best mortgages as well as find the most suitable type of dwelling and compare prices across different agencies. A legal expert will also help you with all the documents related to both the mortgage and the insurance. This makes the whole procedure much easier and faster,’ URSA Bank’s press officer reports.

The bank intends to introduce another mortgage lending office in Novosibirsk, to be situated at 35 Uritskogo St.

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