URSA Bank takes part in international fair

4 May 2007 (14:34)

URSA Bank’s Barnaul-based subsidiary participated in the 12th international fair devoted to construction, improvement, and interior design. The fair took place in Barnaul, Russia, on April 24-27, 2007. The event was supported by Siberian Builders Union, Altai Region Union of Builders and Investors, and the city council. 430 enterprises and organizations from 46 Russian cities based in 31 different regions as well as Ukrainian, Kazakh, and Polish companies, exhibited their projects altogether, with over 9,000 people coming to see them.

URSA Bank contributed to the fair by organizing a seminar on mortgage lending schemes; professional advice from the bank’s experts was available to anyone willing to get it. The lending schemes that involved borrowing money using some real estate as collateral, discounts offered to young families, and the so-called Commercial scheme were the ones that got the most questions. The fair proved quite impressive for both the developers and the local residents interested in home improvements and interior design, URSA Bank’s press officer says.

‘The kind of response we got has proved once again that URSA Bank is offering the right (i.e. popular) type of products. We are very happy about being able to take part in such a high-profile event,’ Tatiana Pankratova (the subsidiary’s Promotion Director) observes.

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