Chelyabinsk customs officers file 3 administrative suits against trademark violators

28 April 2007 (12:12)

Chelyabinsk customs officers filed 3 administrative suits against trademark violators; the first case involves a Kazakh citizen who was trying to smuggle 15,000 undeclared lighters bearing Cricket trademark in his own car. The automobile was stopped by the officers in the village of Letyagino.

Then, Chelyabinsk customs received a complaint from the owner of Stolichnaya trademark regarding violation of his trademark by a Russian citizen. The offender in question was detained in the act of relocating 720 bottles of Stolichnaya without any sales or trademark use permits. Finally, a citizen of Kazakhstan was arrested for trying to smuggle 420 bottles of Kazakh-made strong drinks bearing a registered trademark. The total cost of the goods withdrawn is estimated at more than 100,000 RUR.

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