Igrushka tries to import fake Disney toys

18 May 2010 (09:31)

Experts from Yekaterinburg Customs Intellectual Property Rights Protection Department and officers of Yekaterinburg’s Verkh-Isetskiy district customs found out in the course of a customs check that a number of toy mobile phones bearing a logo very nearly identical to that of Disney were imported to Russia from China, the spokesperson for Ural Customs Administration reports.

‘The trademark owner’s representative in the Russian Federation has been informed of this copyright infringement and violation of intellectual property rights. The representative confirmed that the toy mobiles in question really did qualify as counterfeits in some respects and were never officially produced by Disney,’ the Customs Administration reports.

Yekaterinburg Customs Administrative Inquiry Department is now looking into the case; following the trademark owner’s representative’s application, an administrative offense lawsuit has already been instituted against Igrushka Trading House, with charges based on Article 14.10 of the Russian Federation Administrative Offense Code. 2,160 pirated toy mobiles have been confiscated so far.

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