Yekaterinburg Customs intercept fakes

27 April 2010 (18:07)

Yekaterinburg Customs instituted legal proceedings against a local trading company that deals in the import of toys. The administrative lawsuit’s charges are based on Article 14.10 of the Russian Federation (copyright infringement).

The customs officers from the intellectual property rights protection department inspected the goods and declared that 2,160 children’s mobile phones bearing Disney Princess trademark (the trademark owner being the U.S.-based Disney) were actually counterfeits. Upon this finding, the customs officials contacted the trademark owner’s official representative in Russia and informed this representative about the intellectual property rights abuse and copyright infringement.

The representative confirmed the customs officials’ assumption as to the toys being fake copies that had never been produced officially.

Upon the representative filing an official complaint, Yekaterinburg Customs’ administrative investigations department started its inquest into the case. All the counterfeited toys were confiscated, with their total cost to be announced soon.

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