Ural Sberbank sends 2.5 billion RUR worth of money orders through BLITZ

28 April 2007 (12:30)

Ural Bank of Sberbank of Russia’s 490 subsidiaries have sent over 2.5 billion RUR worth of money orders through BLITZ since the beginning of the year; this amounts to approximately 50,000 operations.

BLITZ is both a convenient and advantageous way to transfer money as quickly as possible. Speed is this system’s major strength: it only takes half an hour for the money to be registered within the system, and another half an hour for the receiver to get their cash. It is as if the customers just keep their money in a sort of hyper-wallet that is available to them or their relatives in any spot in the country. What is more, BLITZ is very simple to use. One does need to know the receiver’s account number or the name of the bank’s subsidiary. All you need to do is come to any of Sberbank’s offices and give the teller the name of the receiver and his or her ID details. Besides, the commission only comes to 1.75% of the amount of money you send, but no less than 100 RUR and no more than 2,000 RUR, which means you would actually only pay 2,000 RUR, or .5%, for sending someone 400,000 RUR.

BLITZ is now available at over 6,600 subsidiaries all over the country, in both large Russian cities and small villages and settlements, says the spokesperson for Ural Bank of Sberbank of Russia.

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