You get international phone card for using BLITZ or international money order

3 May 2007 (13:14)

Sberbank of Russia introduced a special offer on May 2, 2007. Any customer using BLITZ money order or an international one in any of the bank’s Yekaterinburg-based subsidiaries will be able to get a DeltaTel phone card that provides for a free call to any Russian or foreign city. The amount of money you send does not matter. One can take advantage of the offer until May 8, 2007; the time span was chosen due to the fact that there are normally quite a few money orders at the beginning of May, so the bank’s clients can be in for a pleasant surprise.

BLITZ takes about an hour for the addressee to get his or her money, and international money order takes about 24 hours. There is a 1.75% commission (no less than 100 RUR and no more than 2,000 RUR) on BLITZ and a 1.3% commission (between $10 and $200) on the international money order if you use foreign currency. For further details, one can use the information desk number +7-343-2-695-000, the bank’s press officer says.

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