Sberbank’s Ural branch’s deposit volume exceeds 118.9 billion RUR

19 October 2007 (12:46)

Sberbank’s Ural branch had 118.9 billion RUR in its individual customers’ deposit accounts on October 1, 2007, while the number of these accounts came to more than 22 million. In the meantime, the volume of deposits only amounted to 96.8 billion RUR at the beginning of the year, which means the figures went up by over 22 billion RUR over just nine months, the bank’s press officer reports.

People living in Yekaterinburg deposited a total of 21 billion RUR with Sberbank, and Sverdlovsk Region dwellers altogether placed 45.4 billion RUR there.

The Ural branch’s Deposit Management Director Marina Papakova says Sberbank’s Special deposit scheme enjoys the greatest popularity with the locals, so the amount of money they deposited using this scheme went up by 2.2 times compared to January 2007.

«Sberbank’s Special offers a convenient way of withdrawing money from one’s account and topping it up, and the interest rate is quite profitable, too. If you use this deposit, you can withdraw part of the money and use the rest (excluding the required minimum money balance) as you wish. You can put more money in the bank as many times as you like (the sum has to come to at least 5,000 RUR, $100, or (100. The interest rate depends on the amount of money you’ve left in the account. A nice thing about this deposit is that it gets prolonged automatically», she notes.

Sberbank of Russia is currently offering its private customers nineteen deposit schemes with a wide range of interest rates and terms.

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