HydroSpetsStroy’s trustee in bankruptcy finally manages to enter company’s office

9 April 2007 (12:12)

Acting trustee in bankruptcy of HydroSpetsStroy Ltd. (general contractor of Noviy Grad, the developer) Olga Rushitskaya tried to enter the company’s office at 13 Vosmoye Marta St. on April 5, 2007, but former Noviy Grad CEO Yuri Repeta and director of Tamasi Mr. Gogia as well as Noviy Grad security guards prevented her from going in.

Ms Rushitskaya had to sign a contract with the general contractor, who removed the latch from the builder’s fire exit to make it possible for Ms Rushitskaya to enter the office. The law-enforcement officers and the prosecutor who arrived at the scene stated public order was not being disrupted. So acting trustee in bankruptcy of HydroSpetsStroy Ltd. Olga Rushitskaya was finally able to start managing the company and thus comply with the decision of Sverdlovsk Region Court of Arbitration.

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