Security guards keep blocking entrance to Noviy Grad’s headquarters

UralBusinessConsulting Agency of Information and Analytics has been keeping an eye on all the ploys around HydroSpetsStroy’s bankruptcy proceedings. The regional Court of Arbitration declared HydroSpetsStroy Ltd. (general contractor of Noviy Grad, the local developer) insolvent; the company has to undergo bankruptcy proceedings with Olga Rushitskaya as their acting trustee in bankruptcy. HydroSpetsStroy owes its creditors over 55 million RUR.

‘Security guards keep blocking the entrance to Noviy Grad’s headquarters. I’ve tried getting into the office at 13 Vosmogo Marta St. today in order to do my duties, but the guards wouldn’t let me in,’ Olga Rushitskaya said to UrBC.

‘In fact, they just forced me off the premises referring to the management’s order not to allow anybody in,’ she said.

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