New law mostly affects foreign workers, says Alexander Biryukov of Federal Migration Service

4 April 2007 (13:44)

‘The limitations regarding the number of foreign workers on retail markets only refer to people without a stay or residence permit. There are, however, no limitations regarding foreign workers in malls and shops. Moreover, workers from the countries of the CIS are allowed to get a work permit in the new field without leaving Russia,’ Immigration Control Director of Federal Migration Service in Sverdlovsk Region Alexander Biryukov announced at a press conference devoted to the new federal law on retail markets.

‘The new law mainly affects foreign workers from far-abroad, since the work permit getting procedure has remained just as complicated for them, and they have to go home to get it into the bargain. This is obviously very expensive, and, to make matters worse, these workers usually speak less fluent Russian and have a hard time finding a job in another field,’ Mr. Biryukov said.

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