New underground station under construction in Botanicheskiy district of Yekaterinburg

A new underground station is now under construction in Botanicheskiy district of Yekaterinburg. The station is to be located next to Dirigible mall; unlike all the operating stations and the would-be Chkalovskaya station, this new underground station is not going to be too deep. Its lowest point will only come to -12 meters, which is why the city hall decided to put up part of the station on the surface as this will cut costs and save time, reports the spokesperson for Yekaterinburg council.

The general contractors are currently working on digging the trench, fixing the piles, and the prospective excavation of 200 cubic meters of soil.

The first line of the local underground is expected to connect the northern and the southern parts of Yekaterinburg in 2010, with the simultaneous launch of Chkalovskaya and Botanicheskaya stations. The project requires 2 billion RUR annually, with Botanicheskaya station expenses alone coming to 1.2 billion RUR; the money is to be invested by the federal and local budgets. The city council and Sverdlovsk Region Government have already promised to provide their share in 2007.

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