Yekaterinburg invests 455 million RUR in National Health Project in 2006

The city council held a meeting of Yekaterinburg medical committee to discuss performance of the local hospitals and clinics in 2006, reports the council’s press officer.

The city was quite successful in implementing the four strategic projects referred to as Health of Little Dwellers, Three Steps to Long Life, Yekaterinburg as the Region’s Medical Center, and the National Health Project. According to head of Yekaterinburg Healthcare Administration A. Prutkov, the latter received 455 million RUR worth of investments in 2006. Children’s hospitals 5 and 11 and central municipal clinics 2, 3, 6, 24, and 40 underwent thorough repairs and redecoration. Besides, two more hospitals were set up in Zheleznodorozhniy and Ordzhonikidzevskiy districts and five GP wards were introduced in the city’s remote areas.

Mr. Prutkov reports that two best hospitals of the year (children’s hospital 11 and municipal clinic 33) received 1 million RUR each.

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