Natural population increase in Yekaterinburg goes up over 100% in 2013

14 April 2014 (09:24)

April 14, 2014. In 2013, the natural increase in population in Yekaterinburg was 2.7 times greater than a year earlier; this was announced at the city healthcare committee meeting.

According to Yekaterinburg Council’s press service, demographic experts say 23,227 people were born in the Mid-Urals’ capital in 2013, and 16,097 people passed away. This means that natural population increase (excluding the data on immigrants) was 7,130 people.

‘This is the biggest figure since the Soviet times. Compare this with 3,282 people in 2012 and 2,175 people in 2011,’ experts report.

According to Deputy Mayor for Strategic Planning, Economics & Finance Alexander Vysokinsky, the death/birth ratio is one of the main indicators of a big city’s socioeconomic development. He said the figures this big became possible due to the efforts of every worker in the healthcare system.

In 2013, 213m RUR were allocated from the city’s budget to buy medical equipment, and 542.4m RUR were invested in capital repairs of clinics and hospitals.

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