34,059 unemployed people registered in Sverdlovsk Region by March 1, 2007

22 March 2007 (10:56)

The average salary of a worker based in Sverdlovsk Region amounted to 12,009 RUR in January 2007, which is 32.2% better than a year earlier. The official unemployment rate came to 1.41% on March 1, 2007, with 34,059 people registered with the placement service, whereas businesses and organizations placed 30,844 vacancies, says the spokesperson for Sverdlovsk Region Ministry of Economy and Labor.

4,000 people were born in the region in January 2007, which is 19% more people than a year earlier and 5,900 people died, which is 11.8% less than in January 2006. The monthly allowance for people with children was given to 184,122 people with 253,213 children in January and February 2007. The allowances totaled to 140.4 million RUR.

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