We are worried about possible social outcomes of dispute at Nizhnetagilskiy Metalware Plant, says Alexander Soloviev of Nizhniy Tagil city administration

26 February 2007 (15:12)

‘We are worried about the possible social outcomes of the dispute at Nizhnetagilskiy Metalware Plant. This enterprise plays a great part in the city’s life and economy, and we can’t let people lose their jobs and salaries due to this dispute. The council is now trying as best it can to prevent this from happening,’ says Alexander Soloviev, the chief press officer of Nizhniy Tagil city administration.

‘The upcoming council meeting will be devoted to the issue of the plant, among other things,’ Mr. Soloviev said.

The representatives of Nizhnetagilskiy Metalware Plant declared the other day that the company was in the middle of a clash related to the former Chairman Alexander Mikhailov insisting on becoming the company’s CEO. They also said that Mr. Mikhailov was trying to conspire with Vladimir Voronov, whom he describes as an entrepreneur and an affiliated person of Ural Pipe Company.

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