Suppliers, clients and employees of Yekaterinburg Meatpacking Plant Ltd. alarmed by state of events

1 December 2006 (11:08)

‘Since Yekaterinburg Meatpacking Plant is now the object of an administrative quarrel, the employees would really like to know if they are going to keep their jobs. They organized a demonstration this morning, demanding to see the group of people led by Fedor Gafinets that entered the premises of the plant on November 28, 2006,’ the Marketing and Advertising Director of the plant Alexander Boboshin said to UrBC representative.

‘The workers demands were for the plant to operate uninterruptedly, for the wages to be paid with no delay, and for no redundancies to be made. They were not able to see the people they wanted, however; the only person they did get to talk to was the company’s Executive Director Andrei Savintsev. Yet the current management had no information on what was going to happen next, so the employees of the plant were planning to organize one more demonstration near the entrance to the plant management building at 4.30 PM on November 30 and ask for an update on the current state of events,’ Mr Boboshin said.

‘Both the suppliers and the clients of Yekaterinburg Meatpacking Plant are worried about both the property dispute and the way these events may affect their future relationship with the plant,’ he observed.

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