MegaFon Ural to offer Mobile Television soon

7 August 2007 (13:30)

‘'We’ve been on the cellular communication market for five years now, and we’ve been able to offer our customers over thirty different tariff schemes so far. Every tariff and payment scheme eventually grows outdated, so we come up with some new ones. Our main principle is making tariffs both innovational and transparent, that is, clear to our subscribers,’ MegaFon’s General Director Sergey Soldatenkov announced at a press conference on August 3, 2007.

‘In 2002 we offered our customers some tariffs that worked on a regional scale, and now we are also able to operate on the federal level. We are trying to make sure every customer is able to find a tariff scheme to their liking and has an opportunity of switching to a new one if they feel like it,’ Mr. Soldatenkov said.

‘MegaFon Ural was Sverdlovsk Region’s first mobile operator to offer EDGE-based data connection services, with corresponding facilities installed at our stations at the beginning of 2005. What is more, MegaFon proved its reputation of an innovative company when it became the Urals’ first operator to make a presentation on Mobile Television offer. We have already signed agreements with a number of TV companies, so the offer will very soon be available to all of our subscribers,’ MegaFon Ural’s General Director Denis Malyshev observed.

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