Ural Airlines increase number of flights by 87.5% against holiday season 2005

23 January 2007 (09:12)

Ural Airlines looked at the results of its winter holiday season activity in December 2005-January 2006. The company had designed a special holiday program in advance, with most flights scheduled for January 2, January 3, and January 4, 2007.

The carrier’s planes performed 92 chartered flights from December 25, 2006 to January 15, 2007, which exceeds the figures for December 2005-January 2006 by 87.5%. Most flights were bound to Austria, Thailand, China, the Maldives, Vietnam, Egypt, and Turkey. Such travel agents as Fond Mira, More Travel, Tez Tour, Accent Travel, and Mir made most bookings.

32.5% more passengers used the company’s international chartered flights during the holidays against last year. This success can be explained by the carrier’s effective pricing policies. According to the Commercial Director of Ural Airlines Kirill Skuratov, they were able to cancel the fuel fee for all chartered holiday flights since they were using the newly acquired fuel-efficient aircraft, reports the spokesperson for Ural Airlines.

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