SUAL Holding gives presents to children of Krasnoturinsk

18 January 2007 (11:54)

SUAL Holding representatives visited a boarding school and an orphanage in Krasnoturinsk on January 16, 2007 within the framework of their charity campaign devoted to the company’s tenth anniversary. The campaign actually started last year when the company set up two new playgrounds in the town.

A company car delivered a TV set, a DVD player, some tape recorders, computers and electronic appliances as well as some board games and sweets to the school and hygienic items, toys and New Year gifts to the orphanage.

The campaign also covered giving presents to schoolchildren and orphans in Severouralsk, Mikhailovsk, and Kamensk Uralskiy and organizing festive performances in the local theatres, where the specially invited actors from Moscow were appearing.

‘We first visited all the places a month ago and put down their requests; now we are on a very pleasant present-giving mission. We bought all the gifts taking into account the specific needs of each boarding school or orphanage. Some psychologists and doctors helped us choose the best items, and we tried to provide the children with the necessary things,’ says S. A. Gorshchunov, Deputy GD of Zhizn, a charitable fund.

Luybov Kovaleva, the director of the boarding school in Krasnoturinsk, thanked the management of Bogoslovsky aluminium plant (part of SUAL Holding) for their ongoing support: ‘I would like to express my specific gratitude to SUAL representatives for the things they bought for the school. We can really use all the computer appliances, and our children will now be able to learn computer skills in their own school,’ she said.

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