Vysokogorskiy Ore Mining and Processing Enterprise prepares for winter successfully

30 November 2006 (23:41)

All shops of Vysokogorskiy Ore Mining and Processing Enterprise (part of Evraz Group) are still operating stably despite the cold weather that has set in. Thanks to the well-organized performance of the personnel, the raw produce is unloaded and shipped smoothly, and all the facilities work okay.

The defrosting garages located in Lebyazhinskiy agglomeration shop are functioning without any interruptions, with the temperatures necessary for safekeeping of railway carriages maintained at all times. The unloading of burden material is kept in compliance with the schedule; due to the additional insulation given to the bunkers, the repairs of the heating system and the installation of the new hot-air generators, the crushing shops are able to operate without any breakdowns or interruptions. The newly-fitted air-gas hot air pumps do not allow ore to get frozen in the storehouse.

The company’s transportation departments are also working smoothly, with people transferred to their workplaces and vehicles beginning to operate without any delays, reports the press officer of Vysokogorskiy Ore Mining and Processing Enterprise.

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