United Machine Building Works ships equipment for second continuous casting machine for Pipe Metallurgical Company

OMZ Uralmash (a division of United Machine Building Works, aka OMZ) shipped the equipment for the second continuous casting machine for Severskiy Pipe Works (part of Pipe Metallurgical Company). The first such machine was delivered to Metallurgical Works of Taganrog in June 2006.

The machine is currently being assembled on the premises of Severskiy Pipe Works. It will undergo hot testing in December 2006, with launching scheduled for the beginning of 2007.

The ?10m contract for making equipment for two continuous casting machines was signed in October 2004, and over 3,800 tons of equipment have been produced altogether.

Both machines were based on engineering by SMS Demag, one of Germany’s largest machine-building companies. They are today’s most updated five-stream units with the capacity of up to 1m tons of uninterruptedly cast steel a year, reports the spokesperson for United Machine Building Works.

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