Renova Stroy Group and Chelyabinsk Region Government sign contract to build Chelyabinsk satellite

24 November 2006 (12:52)

Renova Stroy Group, Chelyabinsk Region Government, and RosStroy, the federal construction authority, signed a contract to build a satellite Chelyabinsk, First Deputy Governor Vladimir Dyatlov announced at today’s press conference.

‘Based on the agreement, Renova Stroy Group started looking for the contractors, and we have already got two candidates from France and England willing to take part in this project,’ Mr Dyatlov explained.

‘Some approaches and technologies that are absolutely new to Russia will be used when creating this town. We might also renew the infrastructure of the other regional towns based on our experience,’ he said.

Mr Dyatlov believes that the would-be town will employ the new principle of population co-existing together: the satellite is meant for people from all walks of life, that is, the well-off, the middle class, and the people with economy class income, which will make it possible to avoid social insurgencies in the future.

The project means that a new satellite will cover approximately 700 hectares of land in Sosnovskiy district of Chelyabinsk Region (the settlement of Noviy Kremekul) within 12 kilometers to the north-west of the center of Chelyabinsk (this is currently the main direction of the town planning). The area is situated within the boundaries of Chelyabinsk orbital highway and is adjacent to Kalininskiy District of Chelyabinsk. It will provide over 4m square meters of housing and special boilers and electricity and heat-generating facilities.

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