Vanadium Ore Mining and Processing Enterprise conducts extra examination of safety arrangement and precautions

Vanadium Ore Mining and Processing Enterprise (part of Evraz Group) conducted additional examination of how safety arrangement and precautions stated in the Collective Agreement for 2006 were observed.

The examination revealed that the company provided for the manufacturing inspection of the safety requirements. Such investigations into the working conditions in the shops are carried out on regular basis, and ablutions are repaired based on a special schedule. Hot meals are available to workers 24/7.

The company’s management decided to buy some new equipment to improve the working conditions in some shops. Before the end of the year, money will be allotted to buy air conditioners and armchairs with vibration damper for the excavator and drilling rig cabs, portable drafting devices for electric welding, smoke filters, and soldering facilites for the automation and checker shop, and other equipment that can make the working environment more pleasant.

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