Magnesite Industrial Complex sums up its achievements in February 2006

9 March 2006 (10:18)

Magnesite Industrial Complex (part of Magnesite Group) produced 31,200 tons of refractory goods (an increase of 4.3% compared to a year earlier), 59,700 tons of commercial powders (an increase of 8% compared to February 2005) in February 2006. The sales record for refractory goods comprised 291,600,000 RUR (7.5% growth), the same indicator for powders made up 139,900,000 RUR (11.7% more than 12 months before).

The Complex shipped .6% more (24,300 tons) of refractory goods and 24.9% more of powders (45,400 tons) in February 2006, the spokesperson for Magnesite Group said to UrBC representative.

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