United Machine Building Works set up modern storage facility in Yekaterinburg

1 November 2006 (12:56)

OMZ Uralsmash (part of United Machine Building Works) set to constructing a large modern storage facility meant for servicing the corporate divisions as well as other local clients. The area is currently occupied by the storage houses of Uralmashzavod (a business unit of OMZ Uralsmash). The project will have been completed by May 2007.

Uralmashzavod is already using its vehicles and facilities to render services to a number of organizations such as receiving, shipping, and forwarding railway carriages and containers, maintenance and storing of goods and equipment, customs clearance, monitoring of freight location in Russia and the countries of the CIS, packaging (including packaging suitable for shipments by sea), weighing the wagons and other services available at the request of the customers. In 2007, the company will also begin providing its clients with a full set of logistics services, so any enterprise in Yekaterinburg will be able to use Uralmashzavod as its outsource, with door-to-door delivery and just-in-time concepts adhered to diligently.

The storage facility of Uralmashzavod covers the area of 80,000 square meters occupied by open-air and roofed storehouses with both railroads and driveways. The customers can also use the local wagon fleet and the diesel-locomotive shunter. Out-of-gage loads, containerized cargo, wheel and track vehicles, rolled metal, timber and wood can be delivered by the transportation department of Uralmashzavod to any destination in Russia from Nahodka, Vladivostok and Zabaikalsk to the Baltic ports and the Atlantic coast of Western Europe.

‘The storage facility is equipped in full compliance with the modern requirements, including the security system and fire alarm. To make things even more effective, we’re going to buy new loaders, shelf stands, and other pieces of equipment,’ says Transportation Director Vladimir Zalozhnikh.

The concept of logistics infrastructure development of Uralmashzavod is based on the fact that Yekaterinburg is located at the intersection of may railroads, highways, and air routes (west-east, west-south-east, north-east-south ones), which makes it possible to set up large junctions with freight-processing equipment and IT support, where the workers will deliver the goods to end users. Such junctions will also relieve the shortage of storage space in Yekaterinburg, reports the PR Department of United Machine Building Works.

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