Integrated Metallurgical Complex of Chelyabinsk JSC elects its Management Board

31 October 2006 (15:30)

The Board of Directors of Integrated Metallurgical Complex of Chelyabinsk JSC decided to set up a collegiate seven-member Management Board of the Association. Alexei Alekseyev, Alexander Kolchin, Anton Levada, Valentina Nekrasova, Petr Cherkasov ,and Vladimir Kaukin were elected to the Board.

Vladimir Polin joined the Management Board as Chairman due to his position of GD of Mechel Management Company Ltd. (the sole executive body of the Complex and its management company).

The Board of Directors also decided to elect Mr Alexeyev Deputy Chairman of the Management Board and to permit Mr Polin to combine his post in the Management Board with managing positions in other organizations.

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