Fracture of TOH-2 oil-trunk pipeline results in 400-cubic-meter oil spill

Chelyabinsk Region Department of Emergencies received a message about the accident involving the section of an oil-trunk pipeline within five kilometers of the village of Berdyasush on October 23, 2006. The diameter of the pipeline comes to 720 millimeters, the pressure amounts to 20 atm. The accident involves an oil spill, with the threat of poisoning the River Bolshaya Satka.

As the spokesperson for Chelyabinsk Region Department of Emergencies said to UrBC representative, the accident was caused by the soil caving that resulted in decapsulation of the weld seam of TOH-2 oil-trunk pipeline. The estimated scale of the spill comes to 400 cubic meters, with the contaminated area coming to 5,500 square meters, including 2,500 square meters along the shores of the river.

The teams of rescuers have already collected some 25 cubic meters of oil from the water surface and fixed two slick bars; they have also leveed the spill area. The spill is being dealt with by 142 people and 41 vehicles altogether, and everything should be fixed before November 28, 2006.

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