Regional electricity supplier comes up with supply limits schedule for 2006/2007

Sverdlovsk Region Ministry of Industry, Power Engineering and Science have approved of the supply limits schedule for the fall/winter 2006/2007 proposed by SverdlovEnergo, the local supplier, reports the spokesperson for the company.

Designing and supervising the compliance with the schedule are some of the steps aimed at providing reliable electricity supply by the guaranteeing supplier of Sverdlovsk Region. The schedules are drawn up annually by the working team consisting of the company’s representatives.

The schedules were approved of by the regional dispatching service and by Sverdlovsk Region Government. They are to be delivered to all of the company’s consumers and contracting parties.

The idea behind these schedules is to reduce the workload the equipment has to endure and to ensure the uninterrupted supply of electricity even in cases when there is not enough fuel or capacity or in case of a breakdown.

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