Ore mining and processing enterprise of Kachkanar replaces outdated equipment in crushing plant

Vanadium Ore Mining and Processing Enterprise of Kachkanar (part of Evraz Group) has started replacing the outdated equipment in its crushing plant.

The new equipment systems for secondary and fine crushing sections manufactured by Sandvik of Sweden are to replace the older crushers produced in Germany that have already served the company for 20 years. The new equipment will change the ore pretreatment technology essentially. The secondary crushing process will be preceded with a preparatory screen sizing. The two fine crushers will be replaced by one new unit. The installation of the new equipment will also increase productive capacity rate per one crushing section.

The installation is carried out by a contracting agency; the balancing and commissioning of the equipment will be carried out in presence of the supplier firms’ representatives. The whole complex of the new equipment will have beeen set into operation by December 2006, PR-department of Ore Mining and Processing Enterprise of Kachkanar reports.

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