Metallurgical Industrial Complex of Nizhny Tagil completes overhaul of dust system in open-hearth plant

Dust system renovation of two furnaces in the open-hearth plant of Metallurgical Industrial Complex of Nizhny Tagil JSC (part of Evraz Group) has been completed recently. The overhaul of No. 5 furnace main environmental safety unit took 90 days and included replacement of the main system equipment and of the exhaust-heat boiler. No. 15 furnace gas-cleaning system has also undergone a technical reconstruction within a scheduled maintenance works that lasted 40 days. Due to the opportune repairs, the dust systems of two open-hearth furnaces are now operating at full capacity and comply with all the approved standards.

The regular modernization of the company’s dust systems is a part of municipal environmental program. In respect to the program, the Complex successfully meets its commitments concerning environmental stress reduction. Due to systematic activity of the company’s personnel, atmospheric emissions of the Complex have been ever-decreasing for the last five years. In 2003, the emission amounted to 109,700 tons, whereas in 2004 it came to 104,500 tons, and in 2005, this figure dropped down to 99,700 tons. So the cutting down on emissions was quite successful, especially if one notes that the figure was about 288,000 tons in 1990.

The specific discharge rate of the Complex is also one of the lowest among Russian metallurgical enterprises – it is kept under the level of 18 kilograms per ton of steel produced. Also, the company pays all of its environmental fees in full and in due time. The information was reported by PR-department of Metallurgical Industrial Complex of Nizhny Tagil JSC.

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