Evraz Group modernizes converter plant of Metallurgical Industrial Complex of Nizhny Tagil

2 August 2006 (13:00)

Metallurgical Industrial Complex of Nizhny Tagil JSC (part of Evraz Group) negotiated a contract with Siemens-Voest-Alpine of Germany. The contract concerns a full-scale reconstruction of the oxygen-converter plant.

The reconstruction project is to be realized within 4 years, including the complete replacement of all (four) plant converters, the fume-cleaning plant and the exhaust-heat boilers. The project also provides for installation of an additional bulk material delivery line at the oxygen-converter plant and for the overhaul of the plant building. The contract of the Complex with the German firm is a turnkey one. Siemens-Voest-Alpine has already started its research and development efforts. Due to the reconstruction, the Complex is to get a modern converter steel production complex with annual output of 4.3m tons.

‘This is one of the first reconstruction projects of the kind launched by the Russian metallurgical industry. After the modernization has been completed, the oxygen-converter plant will allow us to increase the quality and to reduce the prime cost of our steel’ indicated Andrei Mokrinsky, VP for metallurgical assets management of Evraz. This was reported by PR-department of Metallurgical Industrial Complex of Nizhny Tagil JSC.

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