SverdlovEnergo launches final stage of equipment checkups

SverdlovEnergo, the regional power and electricity supplier, has begun the final stage of equipment checkups aimed at examining how well it is prepared for the winter, reports the company’s spokesperson.

Fifteen substations of Talitsk Electrical Networks are being given scheduled repair, including the multi-faceted upgrading of Poklevskaya 110/10 kilowatt substation; four 110/10 kilowatt power transformers have also been fixed. The whole project has required 27.8m RUR of investments over the last nine months.

Starting October 23, Talitsk Electrical Networks will also be examined by an ad hoc committee consisting of SverdlovEnergo executives and experts from Ural and Volga Interregional Network Company; the subsidiary of SverdlovEnergo will receive a certificate of preparedness based on the results of their report.

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