TyumenEnergo ready for winter

16 October 2006 (12:54)

TyumenEnergo, the power and electricity supplier of Tyumen Region, has recently undergone winter preparation procedures. The checkup mainly concerned Ishim Electrical Networks and Tobolsk Electrical Networks. Both subsidiaries received special certificates allowing them to operate in the winter of 2006/2007, and similar examinations are to follow in all the regional subsidiaries.

The networks are currently being examined by the ad hoc committees consisting of representatives of Ural and Volga Interregional Network Company, TuymenEnergo, Rostechnadzor, and the Department of Emergencies. They look at the personnel emergency training workshops, assessed the level of the employee preparedness, and examined some of the electrical network facilities.

Tyumen Region was on the most overloaded regions list last winter, so it is now arranging the substation equipment and checking its transmission lines, constructing and reconstructing facilities and buildings, and training staff. All of the company’s subsidiaries will receive their certificates soon: the last examinations will be over in a few days’ time, after which TyumenEnergo will be assessed as a whole, reports their spokesperson.

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