Russian Special Alloys Management Company appoints new executives

Former CEO of Klyuchevsk Ferroalloy Works Sergey Odinokov was appointed First Deputy GD of Russian Special Alloys Management Company. He will now assist the current General Director Sergey Gilvarg. Vladimir Dorokhov was appointed the company’s Financial Department Director, Maxim Balakin was appointed Economics Department Director, and Nikolai Kuzmin became CEO of Klyuchevsk Ferroalloy Works.

A number of top managers from Russian Chrome 1915 will now combine their jobs with the positions in the management company. Valeriy Ladygin was appointed Chrome Compound Production Counselor to GD, Yuriy Zhiltsov was appointed Innovative Production Counselor to GD, Valdimir Pivvuev was appointed R&D Counselor to GD, Vitaliy Baranov was appointed Environmental Issues Counselor to GD.

Russian Special Alloys Management Company now has the sole executive power to act on behalf of Klyuchevsk Ferroalloy Works; it will also be empowered to manage Kluychevsk Processing Plant, Kluychevsk Marble and Granite Works, and Russian Chrome 1915, reports the PR-Department of Russian Chrome 1915 and Klyuchevsk Ferroalloy Works.

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