Russian Special-Property Alloys Management Company negotiates chrome ore supplies for Klyuchevsky Ferroalloy Works and Russian Chrome 1915 with Kazchrome International Company

23 May 2006 (11:58)

Russian Special-Property Alloys Management Company negotiated a contract of chrome ore deliveries for Klyuchevsky Ferroalloy Works of Dvurechensk, Sverdlovsk Region, and Russian Chrome 1915 of Pervouralsk, Sverdlovsk Region, with Kazchrome International Company. The contract for 2006 is worth $20m.

The new proprietor of the 50% shareholding of Russian Chrome, Chrome Chemical Ltd., recessed from the tolling contract of sodium dichromate supplies with Kermas Company of UK that came into effect in May 2005. Therefore, the new chrome provider has been found, the company’s PR-department says.

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