Regional electric power supplier starts supplying Stankomash JSC in full as company pays debts

14 September 2006 (12:46)

For two weeks, Stankomash, an industrial enterprise located in Chelyabinsk Region, has only been getting emergency power supply as its debt to ChelyabEnergoSbyt, the supplier, came to 7.8m RUR on September 1, 2006. The negotiations between the tow companies resulted in a compromise, the spokesperson for ChelyabEnergoSbyt said to UrBC representative.

The management of Stankomash guaranteed the payment of debts by giving the supplier a schedule of payments and a promise made by the director of the works in person. ChelyabEnergoSbyt decided to start supplying the company with electricity in full.

The first promises have so far been kept up with: the 5-million RUR payment due on September 8 has already been made. The supplier hopes that the debtor will keep being so punctual in the future.

ChelyabEnergoSbyt believes it is wrong to blame the suppliers for cutting off supplies, since all the managers and directors, as well as society on the whole, fully understand that the responsibility for this rests upon them. ‘The power of good management lies in being able to find the way out of a challenge and reaching a compromise,’ says Deputy GD of ChelyabEnergoSbyt Sergey Sudokhodov.

‘Yet if the money is distributed in a very quaint way that infringes upon our interests, the compromise may be difficult to reach.’

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