Russian Copper Company completes new shop to become Russia’s second largest rolled wire producer

14 June 2007 (09:49)

Kyshtym Copper Electrolysis Plant (part of Russian Copper Company) completed the construction of a new copper rolled wire production shop. The commissioning of Southwire equipment (made by U.S.-based Southwire Company) was started in June 2007, and the shop is expected to be launched on the day of the plant’s 250th anniversary traditionally celebrated on Metallurgist’s Day, the spokesperson for Russian Copper Company reports.

The construction was started in November 2006, with design modeled on a Southwire-equipped shop set up at Novgorod Metallurgical Works (part of Russian Copper Company).

‘Southwire equipment is used by most major rolled wire producers nowadays, with over 80 enterprises employing it all around the globe. Russian Copper Company is this company’s greatest customer in Russia. The new shop is estimated to raise the plant’s production output to 100,000 tons of wire a year, thus increasing Russian Copper Company’s total output to 200,000 tons a year, which is going to make the company Russia’s second largest rolled wire producer,’ the spokesperson for the company says.

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