Employee of regional subsidiary of Bank of Russia accused of mishandling corporate finances

1 August 2006 (12:56)

After they checked out the way the money meant for financing Sverdlovsk Region Governor health programs (maternity projects and special programs for polyclinics, in-patient hospital departments, and emergency care) was actually handled, the public prosecution authorities of Alapaevsk, Sverdlovsk Region, initiated a criminal lawsuit (with charge of abuse of power, Clause 286 (Part 1) of Russian Criminal Code) against the director of Alapaevsk office of the Bank of Russia. The investigation revealed that the director violated the Russian Budgetary Code by transferring 2.5 million RUR (meant for the central municipal hospital of Alapaevsk) from the accounts of the Territorial Obligatory Medical Insurance Fund onto the account of Virus Ltd. This made it impossible to keep up with the Governor health programs, which, in its turn, hinders the realization of the National Health Project. Judging by the preliminary inquiry into the case, this money was transferred as debt payment (Virus Ltd. had earlier rendered some medical services to the hospital).

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