Regional power industry needs at least 16.4 billion RUR, claims Chelyabinsk Region energy supplier

31 July 2006 (11:18)

Ten billion RUR will be invested in the development of Chelyabinsk Region power industry, Deputy Chief Engineer of ChelyabEnergo JSC Andrey Shabalin announced at the seminar conducted for a group of journalists.

According to Mr Shabalin, the best part of money should come from charging for connecting the clients to the electric networks (the profit is estimated at 4.4 billion RUR) and including the so-called investment component into the supplying tariffs (this should yield 2 billion RUR).

‘We need at least 16.4 billion RUR altogether,’ he said.

‘ChelyabEnergo was treated really well by the regional government, so we received their full cooperation in dealing with the investment programs,’ MR Shabalin added.

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