Evrazruda JSC starts upgrading filtering equipment at Abagurskiy subsidiary

Evrazruda JSC (part of Evraz Group) started upgrading its filtering equipment at the processing shop of the company’s Abagurskiy subsidiary in Novokuznetsk. The upgrading program provides for gradual withdrawal of the obsolete DSH-68 suction filters and replacing them with the highly efficient DTBO-100 disk filters made by UralChimMash JSC of Yekaterinburg.

The company’s technicians and the experts from ZapSibMetallurgMontazh Ltd. are currently replacing one of the five suction filters used in No. 2 processing sector. The new filter is expected to have been tested by mid-August and will have gained its full capacity by the beginning of September. Three more filters will have been replaced before the end of the year.

The processing plant of the company’s Abagurskiy subsidiary now has eleven suction filters, and they will soon be replaced by seven powerful disk ones. These disk filters are capable of filtering 100 square meters of stuff (rather than 68) at a time, and thus produce up to 1.6 tons per 1 square meter instead of the old figure of .8 tons; they also make it possible to reduce production costs. Thus, reducing the moisture contents in the ore concentrate by 2% means a dramatic decrease in the amount of black oil used for drying the stuff in winter as well as fewer freight expenses. The simplicity of design and great durability of the filters provides for significant savings on repairs.

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