Ural Airlines assess their economic success in six months of 2006

27 July 2006 (10:34)

Ural Airlines JSC summed up the results of the economic activity in the first six months of 2006.

The company’s profits rose by 28% altogether, yet the profitability of airlifts (the company’s primary activity) has remained the same as the year before due to efficient use of aircraft; moreover, this figure is 4% greater than the one the company was planning on.

Ural Airlines have achieved better results financially throughout January to June 2006 than throughout January to June 2005 since they managed to cut their fixed expenses; there was no need to give overhaul to aircraft, for instance, as everything had been fixed in 2005. They also reduced their losses dramatically (from 90 million RUR in six months of 2005 to 10 to 15 million in six months of 2006).

The property tax, the roadaircraft tax and the land tax have amounted to 4.5 million RUR, the labor compensation fund taxes came to 65 million RUR.

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