Teyskiy subsidiary of Evrazruda introduces automated control of vehicles and fuel consumption

30 May 2006 (09:22)

Teyskiy subsidiary of Evrazruda, the ore maker, has recently introduced Expograph, the system of automated control of vehicles and fuel consumption.

According to the company’s spokesperson, the new system allows them to fully automate the monitoring of the routes, the amount of fuel in the tanks, the haul and speed of the vehicle, the number of stops, of fill-ups and discharges per trip. All the information is registered by the controller installed in the driver’s cab and is analyzed and printed out at the end of a working day. The controller is protected from any unauthorized access, so it is virtually impossible to falsify the data.

‘The introduction of this system should ensure the decrease in fuel expenses and in the number of spare parts we have to buy, it will also make our vehicles more efficient as there will be fewer procrastinations and stops and stricter work schedules. Expograph controllers are currently installed at four BELAZ cars that transport the muck from Teyskiy mine, and we are hoping to fit all of our cars with them eventually, including Irbinskiy subsidiary in Krasnoyarsk Region,’ said the spokesperson.

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