Evrazruda JSC introduces energy-saving project

23 March 2006 (10:56)

Evrazruda JSC, part of Evraz Group and ore producer, has introduced the energy-saving project that is targeted at economizing on energy costs throughout the whole system of production.

According to the company’s spokesperson, the project includes a few organizational and technical steps, for example, stricter disciplinary regulations on meeting overhaul deadlines in order to avoid energy wasting. Other steps consist in controlling the technological details, examination of the equipment aimed at looking into the possibilities of using fewer machines during the peak electricity consumption hours, keeping track of no-load operation.

The company is also hoping to have meters and a photoswitch for provision of lighting as well as frequency shifts for production lines and separators installed in 2006. Cable lines will connect Obogatitelnaya substation to Abagurskiy subsidiary, which will provide for more reliable electricity supplies. The more economical stationary compressors will be introduced at Mundybashskiy subsidiary; wasting compressed air will be stopped and the new smooth crusher starting mechanism will be introduced at Kazskiy subsidiary. In Teyskiy subsidiary, new induction water heaters will be installed.

‘Since Evrazruda doesn’t possess any electricity resources, the energy-saving project is essential in view of growing prices,’ the company’s spokesperson said.

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