Ural Railroad Machine Building Works to invest 700m RUR in developing DC electric locomotive in 2006

Sinara Group CJSC and Ural Railroad Machine Building Works are currently working on the project aimed at designing a hauler electric locomotive. As the project supervisor Evgeniy Kopein announced at today’s press conference, the joint investments into the DC electric locomotive with commutator motor and the hauler one will come to 5bn RUR, with 700m to be invested in 2006. The pilot version of the commutator electric is to be produced in December 2006; it will then be tested, examined, and launched. At the same time, the Works will have completed the engineering data and launched the second type of electric.

‘Russia cannot boast of a business dealing in production of modern electrics right now, even though 70% of the locomotives used by the Russian Railroad are extremely obsolete; so our investements should pay off within 7 to 8 years provided that the GDP goes up by 10 to 12bn RUR,’ Mr Kopein explained.

It was also reported that the project would take part in the Federal Investments Fund contest.

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