Ural Locomotives Presents AC Freight Loco Project

18 October 2012 (18:00)

October 18 The technical plan of the AC electric freight locomotives with asynchronous traction was presented at Ural Locomotives (a JV run by Sinara Group and Siemens AG) in Verkhnyaya Pyshma.

The freight locomotive is a two-section, 16-wheel loco with four bogies that can be used in many modifications, as the entire chain can be controlled synchronously from any foot-plate; the loco can also head the trains weighing up to 9,000 tons.

The machine is fitted with a very advanced BLOC safety system as well as a microprocessor control system that has autopilot, diagnostics, data transfer, parameter measuring, and GPS functions.

The new model has an efficient electric braking system as well as the systems meant for ensuring the longer lifespan of the binding band. Siemens’s asynchronous traction device with its by-wheel-pair torque control results in the enhanced propulsive effort, while the electric power spending is actually 15% to 20% lower than that of the latest makes of the latest Russian AC electric locos. This loco also needs to be repaired five times less frequently, and all the control devices are located in such a way as to make one-man operation possible.

Ural Locomotives is the general contractor for the new AC electric freight locomotive with asynchronous traction, while Siemens AG, VNIIZHT, SAUT, Avtomatika, and Transmash act as the co-developers.

‘The company mostly had the CIS markets’ needs in mind when starting on the new electric freight locomotive with asynchronous traction,’ says Ural Locomotives’ Director-General Alexander Saltayev.

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